Norman - Science Cafe Norman

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Norman Public Library Central
Lowry Room

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This month at Science Cafe Dr. Susan Schroeder's OU Virology students will present a poster session on how: Small RNA Makes a Big Difference in Cancer and Human Diseases. Did you know that your chances of getting a sunburn and skin cancer may depend on how many RNA signals your cells turn on after exposure to sun light? Do you know how many small RNAs regulate cancer gene expression? No one knows yet the full count but this is one of the most exciting areas of cancer research. Did you realize that RNA can be a therapeutic molecule or a drug target? Have you ever taken a Z-Pack? The antibiotic in a Z-pack binds to bacterial RNA and thus prevents bacterial growth. Come to this special Science Café Norman to learn more about the role of RNA in cancer and current research on using RNA to treat human disease. Science cafes are a nation-wide grassroots movement that feature a casual meeting environment where plain language and inclusive conversation create a comfortable atmosphere for people with no science background to learn about ongoing scientific research. To learn more about this growing movement click here: The community is invited and encouraged to attend Science Cafe Norman and be a part of this fascinating community science discussion.
Event Type(s): Presentation / Discussion
Age Group(s): Adult
Theresa Tittle