Norman - Science Cafe Norman

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Norman Public Library Central
Room A/B

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This month our speaker at Science Cafe Norman is Dr. Dave Turner from the National Severe Storms Laboratory. Dr. Turner will speak on the topic: The role of clouds in the 2012 anomalous Greenland ice sheet melt. In July 2012, virtually the entire Greenland ice sheet experienced melting. The last time a melt event of this magnitude occurred was over 100 years ago. Last year clouds above the ice sheet were important for the melting event; if the sky had been clear or if the clouds thicker then the event would not have happened. Come to Science Café and find out what role clouds play in the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. Science cafes are a nation-wide grassroots movement that feature a casual meeting environment where plain language and inclusive conversation create a comfortable atmosphere for people with no science background to learn about ongoing scientific research. To learn more about this growing movement click here: The community is invited and encouraged to attend Science Cafe Norman and be a part of this fascinating community science discussion.
Event Type(s): Presentation / Discussion
Age Group(s): Teens
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